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Closed rhinoplasty

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01Closed Rhinoplasty

In closed rhinoplasty, the nose does not need to be opened using an external incision at the columella.

Implant insertion, alar cartilage manipulation and nasal septal surgery is accessed only though the nostrils, using internal incisions. This method does not leave any scars and is a technique that gives natural results. In the past, methods of opening up nasal columella and performing complicated surgeries were common. The difference between the closed rhinoplasty and the opened rhinoplasty is determined by the techniques of the surgeons. Closed rhinoplasty not only gives you natural-looking results, but also provides a comfortable surgical process.

Closed rhinoplasty is recommended for the following patients:

Who want quicker return to a normal and natural appearance

Who want to eliminate the risks of external scars

Who easily get scars or wounds. (eg. Keloid or Atopic dermatitis)

Who want quicker return of their daily activities.

Who do not like the feeling of the removal of stitches

Who do not want the shape of the nostrils and the nasal columella to be deformed

02Closed Rhinoplasty Before & After

Closed rhinoplasty for low and depressed nose.

Closed rhinoplasty for deviated nose. 

Closed rhinoplasty for humped nose.

Closed rhinoplasty for upturned nose.

Closed rhinoplasty for bulbous nose.

Closed rhinoplasty for arrow nose.